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Our hearts go out to all affected by Hurricane Irma!

Countless families across the state face challenging days ahead. As our communities come together to provide hope and help, United Against Poverty is focused on ensuring low-income families have access to nutritious food during this difficult time.

We need your help!

Damaged homes, downed trees and flooding make up the majority of the images you see in the news. What you may not see are the millions of Florida families who had to throw away food due to a loss of electricity and refrigeration. Many of our supporters have reached out to ask how they can help in the aftermath of Irma. The St. Lucie County Member Share Grocery Program re-opened this morning, and it quickly became clear that we do not have enough product to keep up with demand. Thankfully, several of our generous Product Partners have pledged 25 (and counting!) truckloads of fresh produce and meat ready to be delivered to UP Centers across the state, including our St. Lucie location.  The fuel and freight costs to cover these unexpected additional shipments will cost our organization $60,575. We would be deeply grateful to anyone who is able to assist us in covering these unexpected expenses, so that we can continue to offer local low-income families a dignified way to bring home the food and household items they need to recover from this devastating storm.

Please consider making a donation in the next 48 hours to sponsor freight and fuel costs to help donated grocery items make it into the hands of low-income families in need.

$62 Sponsors a Pallet 

$2,423 Sponsors an entire Truckload!